Equipment Name: QC10 Ballbar

Product Brand: Renishaw

Place of Production: UK

Ballbar can quickly (10-15 min), conveniently and economically evaluate and diagnose the dynamic precision of CNC machine tools, and is applicable to various vertical/horizontal machining centers and CNC lathes and other machine tools. Its working principle is to install two ends of the ballbar on the main shaft and the worktable of the machine tool respectively to measure the circular path formed by interpolation movement of two shafts and compare this path with the standard circular path in order to evaluate the type and amplitude of the errors of the machine tool.

Technical Parameters:
1. Resolution: 0.1 microns
2. Precision of Ballbar Sensor: ±0.5 microns (20℃)
3. Max. Sampling Rate: 250 values per second
4. Available Extension Bar: 50,150,300 mm