● FFT Spectrum Analysis  
● Calculation Order Tracking
● Exclusive to Site Test Analysis
● Online Rotor Dynamic Balance Correction
● Frequency Multiplication Analysis
● Bearing Analysis
● Initial Data Recording
Fieldpaq provides 2-channel real-time signal measurement and measurement software.
To provide field use convenience for engineering technical personnel, it is of compact design, only weighs 1.2kg, can be held with hands for operation, has an engineering plastic shell with EMI protection function and IP65 protection grade, is equipped with a high-efficiency lithium battery which can be continuously used for more than 8 hours, and uses a high brightness-resolution color TFT display screen facilitating on-site vibration measurement and judgment.

Advanced Technology:
Fieldpaq uses Microsoft MS Windows CETM operating system, just like windows operating system used on PC. Measurement data is stored in CF cards and can be downloaded to PC through USB interface or connected with PC for synchronization. After capturing test pictures in Fieldpaq, the high-resolution TFT display screen (65,536 colors) can judge the change of each channel more clearly. Fieldpaq uses the latest Quatek TI67X DSP signal processing chip and can make real-time TFT analysis, up to 12,800 dynamic signals with the resolution real-time analysis bandwidth of 40 KHz for example.

Modular Application Software:
Aiming at different users’ demands, Fieldpaq provides you with modular application software combinations, such as 2 or 1-channel spectrum analysis function, online dynamic balance function, 3-channel vibration measurement function, bearing analysis function, etc.

FFT Spectrum Analysis:
The powerful FFT program of Fieldpaq can use relevant channels for measurement analysis, such as FRF, relevant functions and power spectrums used in modal test, as well as ODS measurement or sound intensity test. The FFT program can also be used for waterfall figure measurement and spectrum analysis within continuous time or the range of rotating speed.

Calculation Order Tracking:
The calculation order tracking program starts or calculates the amplitude and phase of specified order in coast-down process. The order tracking algorithm of Fieldpaq determines its data accuracy through real-time digital resampling. Order spectrum data can be displayed through waterfall figures or sensitivity figures.

Online Rotor Dynamic Balance Correction:
Fieldpaq can balance single-side, double-side and overhung rotors on line, such as the imbalance of motors, fans, spindles, etc. Engineering personnel can make corrections directly on machinery, saving the trouble of sending rotors to balancing factories. Fieldpaq is easy to operate. Multiple functions in the rotor balancing software are as follows:
• Calculate Unbalance Component
• Calculate Drilling Depth
• Calculate ISO1940 Balance Grade
• Calculate Unequal Radius
• Browse Data on Vibration History
• Browse Data on Balance History
• Correct Dynamic Balance Report Output

Frequency Multiplication Analysis:
The real-time digital filtering of the frequency multiplication analysis program can generate full frequency multiplication, 1/3 frequency multiplication or 1/12 frequency multiplication, etc. According with IEC 61260 & IEC 61672, the frequency multiplication analysis program is applicable to the voice/vibration measurement field.

Initial data recording:
Assign initial time domain data recorded to the built-in CF card. For example, a file with the capacity of IGB contains the continuous measurement data with the bandwidth of 5KHz and the 2-channel signal of about 2.9 hours. Filedpaq uses Windows CE operating system and can support a large-capacity CF card according to engineering and technical personnel’s need to record large quantities of data. The initial time domain data recorded can be browsed through Filedpaq or transmitted to PC so as to be analyzed with other software.