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Corporate Governance

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Since 2004, Qiaofeng company has been adhering to the spirit of "integrity, cooperation, pragmatism and innovation", committed to deepening technological innovation and core competitiveness, improving operation and management efficiency, paying attention to shareholders' rights and interests, and adhering to high standards of corporate governance.

Excellent corporate governance is a compulsory subject for excellent enterprises. A sound and self-discipline board of directors is the basis of corporate governance. Effective implementation of internal audit and control mechanism, independent directors and supervisors to play their functions, respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders, enhancing the transparency and openness of the company's business information, and implementing the ethical code of conduct of professional managers are the guarantee for the implementation of corporate governance.

JIR FINE 's corporate governance organization model is divided into two units: the board of directors and the supervisor

Board of directors:

JIR FINE  has a management team and a board of directors composed of experienced professional managers, whose responsibilities include appointing and supervising the management of the company, and being responsible for the overall operation of the company, and striving to maximize shareholders' equity. The members of the board of directors are elected by the shareholders, with a total of five; the chairman of the board of directors (Chairman) is selected by the directors. The company also invited three external independent directors to enhance the professional supervision and independence of the board of directors.


Responsible for supervising the internal audit control of the company, covering the investigation of financial status and operation related records. Audit records and follow-up reports shall be submitted to supervisors for regular review in accordance with the procedures. The company's directors, supervisors, general manager, financial controller and audit director hold regular communication and discussion meetings with accountants on governance matters every quarter to exchange opinions on various mechanisms and implementation.

The company has spared no effort in the pursuit of information disclosure and financial information transparency, and conforms to the principle of accurate, detailed and fair disclosure. First hand financial information and major information are disclosed on the company's website and public information observation station. At the same time, through the company's annual report, report to shareholders, holding of shareholders' meeting, participating in institutional legal person investment presentation meeting, and specially assigned person in charge of investor relationship, the company's business philosophy and policy, operation, financial information, corporate governance and social responsibility are promoted In order to ensure that shareholders can obtain the latest and correct information of the company as the basis for investment, the board of shareholders and the board of directors should make detailed and interactive communication with shareholders. Please click on the "investor services" option for more information.

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