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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Qiao Feng's business philosophy is: technological innovation, customer service, honesty and pragmatism, and sustainable operation.
We will continue to promote economic, social and environmental progress to achieve sustainable development.

Qiao Feng’s ten principles of corporate social responsibility are as follows:
1. Comply with government laws and regulations, and pursue legitimate interests.
2. Create corporate value, maintain corporate transparency, maintain good corporate governance, and optimize shareholder equity.
3. Operate with integrity, observe business ethics, and conduct fair competition.
4. Respect human rights and basic labor principles, provide a safe, healthy, harmonious and fair working environment, and provide legal and reasonable wages and benefits.
5. Protect the environment, save resources, and strive for sustainable development of the environment.
6. Combining with customers who are interested in changing the world, jointly develop and invent first-class products, presenting the ultimate in human craftsmanship.
7. Reward innovation and research and development, and respect intellectual property rights.
8. Actively participate in the activities of the government, society, and communities, establish sound communication channels and interactions, and fulfill civic responsibilities.
9. Sponsor cultural, educational, and public welfare activities, and encourage all employees to participate.
10. Promote the concepts and practices of corporate social responsibility to the supply chain.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, human science and technology have been advancing with each passing day, which not only shortens the distance between all people on the earth, but also brings richness, diversity and convenience to human material life.

In this development process, human beings continue to draw resources from the earth on which they live and make endless excavations to meet the needs of human material life. Some precious earth resources are discarded by ignorance, and some are wastes that destroy the ecological balance of the entire earth when humans consume these precious resources. The accumulation of human misuse of the earth over the past century has caused the earth to relentlessly counterattack, causing mankind to begin to seriously think about the critical point of history facing humanity-the serious problem of "sustainable development" between humans and the earth.

"Sustainable development" should be a problem that all human beings on the earth need to face, undertake and reflect on together. As an enterprise that drives the development of science and technology, and may even be the instigator of the abuse of the earth’s resources, it is even more responsible for providing its own resources and influence. While "using" the earth, it "feeds back" to the earth with a grateful mood and strives to play As a citizen of the earth, corporate people fulfill their corporate social responsibilities in order to lead the entire society to value and fulfill the mission of "sustainable development" of mankind and the earth.

Qiao Feng is well aware of the urgency of "sustainable development" and has been actively promoting the practice of corporate social responsibility over the years. In order to expand the depth and breadth of corporate social responsibility promotion, Qiaofeng Company established the "Qiaofeng Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" in 2015, which is divided into four tasks: "Corporate Governance", "Corporate Commitment", "Social Participation" and "Environmental Protection" Grouping, in each task grouping, it is subdivided into several working groups according to the duties of each unit.

「Qiao Feng Company Corporate Social Responsibility Committee」The company’s chairman, general manager and the first-level supervisors of each business group serve as the chairman and director members. Each work group has the top supervisor of the unit as the work group leader to achieve vertical and horizontal integration within each plant and unit.

Obey the law
Comply with laws and regulations and other requirements that the organization agrees to comply with.
Continuous improvement
Through pollution prevention, energy saving, automatic inspection and promotion of resource recovery, a good working environment is created to continuously improve the performance of environmental safety and health management.
Disaster prevention
Prevent work-related injuries, unhealthy, illnesses and accidents to ensure the safety and health of all employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors entering the company.
Implement education
Educate and publicize the concept of environmental protection, safety and health for all employees, and enhance their awareness, knowledge and responsibilities for daily business operations.
Active communication

Establish an active communication and consultation channel for stakeholders, and do a good job in communication, consultation and information transmission to facilitate the participation of all employees.

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