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Enterprise Commitment

Social Responsibility

Enterprise Commitment

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Occupational health and safety policy:

Zero disaster, zero accident, care for safety, respect for life and health care


To provide a healthy and safe working environment is JIR FINE 's responsibility to employees and their families. JIR FINE  firmly believes that only employees who are physically and mentally healthy can have a positive work mood and give full play to their work energy. JIR FINE  has set up a clinic in the factory and equipped with professional medical staff to facilitate the staff's visit and temporary recuperation, provide dressing change and emergency treatment, and create a safe working environment for employees.


Talent cultivation

Talent is the most important asset of JIR FINE , and education and training is an important tool to ensure the continuous value-added of human assets. Therefore, the cultivation and development of talents is one of the most important topics for JIR FINE .

JIR FINE  attaches importance to the training and development of employees. In order to provide a clear career development blueprint, the company has invested sufficient resources to train employees. The training program for new employees is provided from the beginning of employees' employment, and the company's corporate culture, including the concept of corporate social responsibility and relevant policies, is explained to new employees through physical courses and online learning. For the management staff, the company has arranged a series of leadership training courses. In addition, the company also provides information about external training programs for employees to apply for participation, and gives subsidies to encourage employees to continue their studies and enrich their learning.




Looking forward to the future, JIR FINE  will actively develop the cultivation system of high-level management talents to cultivate the future succession team. On the other hand, a complete career development and training map will be developed for individual professional positions, so that every JIR FINE  employee can have a clear learning and development blueprint, step by step and happy learning.

Code of conduct education

The code of conduct is not only the behavior index of employees, but also the requirement of employees for themselves. Good character and integrity make enterprise members win social affirmation and respect for the environment they work for and for their civic responsibility and morality. In order to implement the importance and recognition of the code of conduct from colleagues, the new recruits start to receive the guidance training of code of conduct.

Human rights

JIR FINE  clearly revealed the relevant provisions of refusing child labor or compulsory labor, so any behavior that may cause the employment of child labor or forced labor is not allowed. In addition, JIR FINE  never discriminates against any employee on the basis of gender, race, region, age, disability, sexuality, nationality, political orientation, community, etc.

Communication mechanism

In addition to the basic staff policy, the company has always attached importance to the opinions of employees, hoping to give all employees the space to give full play to their talents. Any employee of JIR FINE  can reflect his / her opinions on personal rights, welfare, management and working environment to the company at any time. He / she also establishes a multi-party communication channel within the company, including setting up a general manager's mailbox and an employee complaint channel, so as to help the employee's problems be solved effectively in real time.

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