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Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection

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      JIR FINE environmental policy:

  ‧Zero pollution and waste reduction     ‧Safety production and elimination of hidden dangers

  ‧Green products comply with regulations   ‧Continuous improvement of pollution prevention

  ‧Protecting the environment      ‧Green product management


  JIR FINE environmental policy clearly reveals that the design and manufacture of green products should be promoted through the spirit of pollution prevention and continuous improvement, so as to comply with international regulations and environmental protection trends. JIR FINE has a dual business model of community own brand marketing (cobm) and integrated original design manufacturing (IODM). In the field of IODM, JIR FINE is committed to meeting the environmental protection requirements of global well-known brand customers and complying with the global environmental protection trends and norms in advance; in the cobm field, with the rich experience bred by IODM, JIR FINE  promotes its own brand products to surpass the requirements of regional environmental protection regulations as a strategy for JIR FINE's green products / green enterprises.


  Core content of JIR FINE's green design

  ‧Reduce the use of harmful substances in products

  JIR FINE  established a cross departmental organization of green products to promote the introduction of green products in various business groups. JIR FINE  formulated the ban Substances Declaration to expand the use of prohibited substances in controlled products in accordance with EU ROHS directive, international environmental protection requirements and customer specifications.

According to the newly released IECQ HSPM QC080000 hazardous substances process management system architecture, JIR FINE  has made continuous improvement through the management cycle of PDCA (plan do check act) towards the process, documentation and recording of hazardous substances control.


  ‧The product is easy to disassemble and recyclable

  The European Union WEEE Directive stipulates that products must be oriented towards the design principle of easy disassembly / recycling. In order to evaluate the product's easy disassembly / recyclability, JIR FINE  imported the product recovery rate evaluation tool, combined with the design and development process and PLM system, as a green design control project for product easy disassembly / recycling.


  ‧Energy efficiency improvement of products

JIR FINE  actively cooperates with customers' requirements, EU EU implementation methods, California energy efficiency regulations, new Australia energy efficiency regulations and EPA Energy Star voluntary initiative standards to continuously improve the energy efficiency specifications of product power supply, so as to reduce the impact of products on energy and environment in the use stage.


      Greenhouse gas management

  According to the requirements of ISO 14064-1 international standard for greenhouse gas inventory, JIR FINE  established the company's internal inventory and verification procedures, carried out voluntary greenhouse gas inventory and carried out reduction management plan. JIR FINE  knows that inventory is the first step of greenhouse gas reduction. Therefore, he will further set reduction targets and draw up reduction plans in the future after relevant quantitative operations such as identification of emission sources and recording of emissions.

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