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Social Participation

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"Social participation" in Qiao Feng is not only a slogan or task, but also deeply rooted in the values of all our employees. "Take the society, use the society" has long been regarded as one of the focuses of business philosophy in the early days of the company's establishment.

The transformation of ideas into actions has also been embodied in the various public welfare and community care activities that we are constantly promoting. In Colleges and universities, we have held "Qiaofeng machinery award scholarship" for five consecutive years, caring for vulnerable groups and Sichuan disaster relief, and energy-saving and carbon reduction advocacy activities for waste mobile phone recycling, all of which prove our intention of giving back to the society.

Due to the rapid growth of business in the past few years, Qiao Feng has become an influential manufacturer of intelligent CNC machine tools in the world, and has set up several production and R & D centers in various places. In order to make the social feedback activities that have lasted for nearly five years and more effectively promote localization, in addition to setting up a CSR committee composed of the top executives of the business group in the headquarters, as well as The R & D center sets up a public welfare group to plan and implement the activities of the community where it is located.

Qiao Feng believes that social participation is not only the external activities of the company's legal person organization, but also the action of uniting the strength of employees to carry out external activities under the framework of common values. Therefore, under the public welfare groups, there are volunteer volunteer volunteer groups, and the members of the Volunteer League are the most important forces in all external activities.

Qiao Feng's main long-term goal of "social participation" is to provide students with equal access to education. In the future, Qiao Feng will continue to work towards this main axis. In addition to providing students with equal access to education, Qiao Fengzhi's "social participation" activities are also devoted to "community investment care" and "charitable public welfare". The target groups are mainly the community public, the poor families, the social vulnerable and the emergency relief

1. Education promotion:

The promotion of compulsory education, elite digital program, and long-term investment in English learning and education prove that Qiao Feng attaches great importance to giving back to the society in education.

2. Community care:

Based on corporate social feedback and humanistic care, all vulnerable groups have always been the focus of Qiao Feng. With the expansion of the company's business, we have established localized public welfare groups in several R & D and production bases to achieve zero distance community care: through the full support platform of the company's administrative resources, the members of the volunteer groups of each base are fully engaged. Qiaofeng head office has long supported social welfare foundation, social welfare foundation for mentally handicapped children and large-scale environmental protection education activities; Qiaofeng's companies have long-term care activities for schools and homes for the aged in poverty-stricken areas, which clearly shows the enthusiasm of Qiaofeng's volunteers!

3. Emergency assistance:

The 7.8 earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, on May 12, 2008, has touched the hearts of the whole Chinese people. All walks of life have extended their helping hands to relieve the disaster! In addition to donating, the company immediately launched employee donation activities, followed by investigation and care activities for internal Sichuan employees, and cooperated with the local government to give priority to the employment of Sichuan disaster victims.

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