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Qiao Feng will participate in the 13th Ningbo International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2017


Qiao Feng will participate in the 13th Ningbo International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2017

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2017/04/28 12:30
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Qiao Feng Machinery Booth: 5#A28 Head of Ningbo Office: Wanjiang 15867925159
                             2017 Ningbo International Machine Tool Exhibition and the 13th China Mould Capital Expo
Time: 2017.5.19-22 Venue: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center
Jinnuo Machine Tool Exhibition: Jinan February 25-27, Ningbo May 19-22, Qingdao August 2-6, Shenyang September 1-5
After more than ten years of market training, JNMTE Jinnuo Machine Tool Show has developed into a well-known brand exhibition in China's machine tool industry. It is held every year in Jinan, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places that are the core cities of the national machine tool industry demand. Thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of professional users have built a platform for procurement negotiations and technical exchanges.
In 2016, Jinnuo Machine Tool Exhibition entered Ningbo, and successfully held the "Ningbo International Machine Tool Exhibition and the 12th Mold Capital Expo" on the basis of the original Ningbo Manufacturing Expo, setting up four major categories: machine tools, molds, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial robots. The exhibition area focuses on intelligent and flexible intelligent equipment, showing the strong procurement capabilities of the Yangtze River Delta manufacturing industry.
Intelligent, flexible, internet-based
The theme of the 2017 Ningbo International Machine Tool Show and the 13th Mold Capital Expo is: Intelligent, Flexible, and Internet
Concurrently held: The 2nd Ningbo International Smart Factory Exhibition
The exhibition area is expected to be 55,000 square meters, with 650 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors.
Yangtze River Delta Manufacturing Center ● Mold Capital Machine Tool Exhibition
Exhibition review
The 2016 Ningbo International Machine Tool Show and the Twelfth Mould Capital Expo was held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 17th to 19th. There were 608 exhibitors, eight major halls of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, and an exhibition area of ​​55,000 square meters. Attracted 52,703 professional visitors, exhibited a total of more than 10,000 kinds of equipment and products such as machine tools, molds, automatic intelligent equipment, industrial robots, lasers, and military and civilian technologies. Ningbo Xiangshan and Beilun Mould Alliance exhibited in large-scale groups. Open a new chapter in the intelligent upgrading of industrial clusters.
Exhibitor Representative
DMG, GF+, Hardinge, FANUC, Okuma, Siemens, Tsugami, Zeiss, Marl, API, Rewok, Cincinnati, Mitutoyo, Mitsubishi, Sodick, Kennametal, Sandvik, EROWA, Sumitomo, Daiichi Jie, Dirk, Hanzu Laser, Pentium Chutian, Chinese Laser, Laser Laser, Jiatai Laser, Lai Tong, Qiao Feng, Liwei, Lichi, Dongtai Precision Machinery, Nicholas Crea, Kuka, Makino, Youjia, Guangshu, Edward, Jianke, Sanshang, Hanba, Suzhou Sanguang, Xingfuxiang, Dadong, Ningbo Yidan, Gu'anli, Tuocheng, Xia Tuo, Jingxian, Jinkai, Shuangzheng, Guben, Dingyao , Genesis, Rongde, Daqiao, Datie, Lyman, Danke, Helper, Bada, Kaipu, Guangqiang, Eze, Juhua Optics, Nachuan Electric, Kaibo CNC, Founder Mould, Sunny Mould , Longhai Mould, Heli Mould, Huiwang Mould, Shuanglin Mould, Tianzheng Mould, etc.
User representative
Beiyi Electromechanical, Nagoya, Haitian Drive, Donghai, Yikong, Daxie, Kincaid, Pulida, Anbo, Hongshun, Chen Hsong, Geely, Hongxie, Shenma Automobile, Dafeng Industrial, Tongdi Shipbuilding, Samsung Electronics, Fangtai , Dongli Machinery, Zhongce Power, Homar (China), Ningbo Huaxiang, Deli, Wanfeng Group, Chint Electric, Renmin Electric, Delixi, Yizumi, Lijin, Xia Tuo, Beilun Mould Industrial Park , Xiangshan Mould Industrial Park, Yuyao Mould City, and other group procurement.
Exhibitor Opportunities
Ningbo, the first pilot demonstration city of "Made in China 2025", is also an important advanced manufacturing base in the world. Ningbo is the manufacturing center of the Yangtze River Delta. It is the "China Mould Capital", "China Plastic Machinery Capital", "China Fastener Capital", and "China Water Meter Capital"; it is also an important national auto parts base, high Low-voltage electrical equipment base, instrumentation base, electric tool base, household appliance base, pneumatic component base.
Ningbo is vigorously promoting "machine substitution", advancing the transformation of industrial automation (intelligent) complete equipment, supporting a group of industrial robots, machine networking and factory networking application demonstration enterprises, and promoting the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.
Exhibition highlights
The 2017 Ningbo International Machine Tool Exhibition and the 13th Mold Capital Expo will host more than 20 concurrent events:
China Industrial Robot Summit Forum
China Manufacturing Internet Conference
Chairman's Meeting of Ningbo Mould Industry Association
Intelligent Manufacturing Dialogue Industry 4.0 Summit Forum
China Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology Summit Forum
Chairman's Meeting of Ningbo Machine Tool Equipment Industry Association
China Aviation Engine Manufacturing Technology Summit Forum
China Advanced Stamping Technology and Equipment Seminar
Mould energy saving product promotion activities
Group purchase of machine tools for mother machine section
Mold Technology Forum under Cloud Computing
Machine tool exhibition and cultural and creative activities, etc.
Invite world-renowned industrial robot companies, experts in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, Internet giants, aero engine and automobile manufacturing technical engineers and related personnel to share and discuss. It is expected to attract people from automobile manufacturing, aerospace, defense and military industry, mold manufacturing, More than 3,000 domestic and overseas industry elites from agricultural equipment, construction machinery, heavy machinery and other manufacturing industries participated. A weather vane leading the development of the industry.
The "Double 11" of the machine tool industry-the mother machine festival machine tool group buying event is a tangible discount and special promotion held by Jinnuo Machine Tool Show and online mall (Nuozhan Mall), attracting more buyers to participate in group buying and promoting the scene Deal.
【Exhibition scope】
Metal cutting, laser processing systems, metal forming, functional parts tool accessories, mechanical automation and industrial robots.

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