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Qiao Feng Company will participate in the 2016 17th (Chongqing) International Machinery Exhibition


Qiao Feng Company will participate in the 2016 17th (Chongqing) International Machinery Exhibition

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2016/05/05 12:30
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Qiao Feng company booth: 3B421 welcome you!
Exhibition time: May 11th-14th
Exhibition Overview
This exhibition will focus on displaying new technologies, new processes and new equipment in recent years
In order to further integrate into aviation, high-speed rail, automobile manufacturing and other industries; join hands with industry representative enterprises and associations to jointly organize "Smart Manufacturing Demonstration Zone"
Better interact with the audience before the exhibition, and promote better participation of manufacturing companies in the exhibition
Launch the "Millions Upgrade Exhibition" activity
Chongqing industry leads the country
Chongqing's GDP growth rate in the first half of 2015 was the first in the country
The automobile production ranks first in the country, with 1 "Made in Chongqing" for every 8 cars
3 computers in the world and 1 made in Chongqing, Chongqing has become the world's largest notebook computer production base
Sichuan Province-Highland of Economic Development in Western China
The economic aggregate ranks first in the western region, and its comprehensive strength ranks first
The national-level Tianfu New District will be built into an international new district dominated by modern manufacturing. The “Three-Year Industrial Upgrading Action” will be implemented to promote the transformation and upgrading of the seven dominant industries
Guizhou Province-Building a Big Data Core Industry Chain
At the beginning of 2015, the creation of the Guiyang-Gui'an Big Data Industry Development Cluster was approved, and the first national-level big data development cluster was officially "settled" in Guizhou
The rapid development of the avionics equipment industry with traditional military enterprises as the core has greatly improved the industry's independent innovation capabilities
Exhibitors scope
Metal cutting machine tools:
Metal processing centers, milling machines; CNC machine tools and automatic lathes; drilling machines, boring machines; sawing machines and metal cutting machine tools; gear processing machines; modular machine tools and components; machining centers and parallel machine tools; drilling and tapping machine tools; manufacturing units/systems And automation equipment; tool processing grinders; honing, grinding, polishing and ultra-precision processing machine tools
Special processing machine tools:
EDM processing equipment; Wire EDM equipment; Electrochemical processing equipment; Flame cutting equipment; Plasma cutting equipment; Water jet cutting equipment; Rapid prototyping equipment; Marking and engraving machine; Surface treatment and coating equipment; Vacuum forming machine
Metal forming machine tools:
Sheet metal cutting machine tools and processing centers; laser processing equipment; sheet, sheet, and profile shearing machines; sheet, sheet, and tube spinning machines; sheet bending machines, bar and tube bending forming machines; straightening machines, wire rods Forming machine; punching machine, punching machine, nibbling contouring machine; various presses
Numerical control systems, digital display devices and machine tool electrical appliances; machine tool parts and auxiliary equipment; abrasives, cutting tools, tool holders and related products; inspection and measuring equipment; die casting and casting technology, castings; heat treatment and industrial furnaces; forging and stamping equipment ,Stamping

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