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The competition is right at the time, and youth does not end! The first "Qiao Feng Cup" basketball game ended perfectly


The competition is right at the time, and youth does not end! The first "Qiao Feng Cup" basketball game ended perfectly

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2020/10/15 00:58
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Everydropofsweatspilledonthebasketballcourt,andaccompaniedbyvigorouspace,playedamovementofhope.       Everybelief,flyinginthebluesky,withafirmgaze,drawsabeautifularc.       Aftermorethanthreemonthsoffiercecompetitionamongthefourteams,thefirst"QiaoFengCup"officiallycametoanendontheeveningofNovember1.       Justlikeabeautifulpieceofmusic,therewillalsobeanearend.Althoughthebasketballgameisover,itisnotjustanevent,anevent,butalsoatouch,apassion,ashock,andapreciousmemoryforallQiaoFengcolleagues.!Duringthesethreemonths,nomatterwhetheritwassuccessorfailure,theplayersofthefourteamshavebeenenthusiasticaboutfightingeverygame.Victoryisnotarrogant,defeatisnotdiscouraged.Evenifitisunfortunatelyinjured,healwaysupholdsthespiritoftenacioushardworkandnevergiveup,totreateverygame.Thisisnotonlyrespectforthegame,butalsoresponsibilityforoneself. Duringthisseriesofcompetitions,thecompanyalsoorganizedelitesfromeachteamtoformateam,andtheyplayedfriendlyleaguematcheswithGuangdongAirtacIntelligentEquipmentCo.,Ltd.andBeijingFANUCElectromechanicalCo.,Ltd.respectively.Theplayersshowedaspiritofunityandcourageonthefield!finals    InthefinalontheeveningofNovember1,themarketingcenterteamandtheQiaotoubranchteamfirstcompetedforthethirdplace.Inthefollowingtime,theproductionjointteamandtheR&Dcenterteamcompetedforthechampionship.    Inthesetwofiercecompetitions,themembersofthefourteamsalltriedtheirbesttocompeteforthebestplace.    Inthethreeorfourfinals,theQiaotoubranchteamtooktheleadinattacking,successivestealsandmid-rangeshots,whichexpandedthescorestepbystep.However,themembersofthemarketingcenterteamwereneverindifferent.Theyusedaprecisethree-pointertonarrowthedifferenceandoncenarrowedthedifferencetolessthanfivepoints.    However,duetolackofphysicalstrengthandsparsepersonnel,itwasultimatelylosttotheQiaotoubranchteamandregrettablylost.Intheend,theQiaotoubranchteamwonthefinalvictoryinthethirdplacecompetition. Inthenextoneortwofinals,wonderfulshotswerecontinuouslystaged.Youcometomeandyoudon’tgivein.Astheproductionteamstarteda"three-pointrain"shortlyafterthegame,thescoreonceexpandedtodouble-digitpoints.However,theR&Dcenterteamwasunwillingtodoso,rushingtocatchup,andovertookthescorehalfway.     Theproductionunitedteamdidnotconfusethemselvesbecauseofthis,andthentheytookadvantageoftheopponent'smistakestostabilizethesituation.Intheend,theywonthechampionshipwithaslightadvantage,buttheR&Dcenterteamunfortunatelylostandwontherunner-up.Thevictoryofthegamedependsnotonlyontheplayersoftheirownteam,butthecheerleadingteamwatchingthegameisalsoimportant.Itispreciselybecauseoftheseshoutsthattheplayerswillliveuptoexpectationsandwin!Aftermorethanthreemonthsoffiercecompetitionandmorethanthreemonthsoffierceconfrontation,thebattlelastFridaynight,afterall,Istillhavetosay"goodbye."Inthisprocess,wehavejoy,regret,happiness,andunwillingness,butwhatisimportantisthatwehavegainedexperienceandhappiness.Ihopethateveryoneofuscanmaintainthespiritandenthusiasmofhardwork,unityandprogressinthefollowinglifeandwork.                                        Dreamsneverdie,youthneverends,seeyounexttime!

Every drop of sweat spilled on the basketball court, and accompanied by vigorous pace, played a movement of hope.
     Every belief, flying in the blue sky, with a firm gaze, draws a beautiful arc.
     After more than three months of fierce competition among the four teams, the first "Qiao Feng Cup" officially came to an end on the evening of November 1.
     Just like a beautiful piece of music, there will also be a near end. Although the basketball game is over, it is not just an event, an event, but also a touch, a passion, a shock, and a precious memory for all Qiao Feng colleagues. !

During these three months, no matter whether it was success or failure, the players of the four teams have been enthusiastic about fighting every game. Victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged. Even if it is unfortunately injured, he always upholds the spirit of tenacious hard work and never give up, to treat every game. This is not only respect for the game, but also responsibility for oneself.


During this series of competitions, the company also organized elites from each team to form a team, and they played friendly league matches with Guangdong Airtac Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and Beijing FANUC Electromechanical Co., Ltd. respectively. The players showed a spirit of unity and courage on the field!

     In the final on the evening of November 1, the marketing center team and the Qiaotou branch team first competed for the third place. In the following time, the production joint team and the R&D center team competed for the championship.
     In these two fierce competitions, the members of the four teams all tried their best to compete for the best place.
     In the three or four finals, the Qiaotou branch team took the lead in attacking, successive steals and mid-range shots, which expanded the score step by step. However, the members of the marketing center team were never indifferent. They used a precise three-pointer to narrow the difference and once narrowed the difference to less than five points.
     However, due to lack of physical strength and sparse personnel, it was ultimately lost to the Qiaotou branch team and regrettably lost. In the end, the Qiaotou branch team won the final victory in the third place competition.

 In the next one or two finals, wonderful shots were continuously staged. You come to me and you don’t give in. As the production team started a "three-point rain" shortly after the game, the score once expanded to double-digit points. However, the R&D center team was unwilling to do so, rushing to catch up, and overtook the score halfway.

     The production united team did not confuse themselves because of this, and then they took advantage of the opponent's mistakes to stabilize the situation. In the end, they won the championship with a slight advantage, but the R&D center team unfortunately lost and won the runner-up.

The victory of the game depends not only on the players of their own team, but the cheerleading team watching the game is also important. It is precisely because of these shouts that the players will live up to expectations and win!After more than three months of fierce competition and more than three months of fierce confrontation, the battle last Friday night, after all, I still have to say "goodbye." In this process, we have joy, regret, happiness, and unwillingness, but what is important is that we have gained experience and happiness. I hope that every one of us can maintain the spirit and enthusiasm of hard work, unity and progress in the following life and work.

                                                                               Dreams never die, youth never ends, see you next time!

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