Gantry machining center
Suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized castings and structural parts.


LM-6232 Project Unit Specifications
Processing range
X axis travel mm 6200
Y axis travel mm 3850
Z axis travel mm 1300
Double column spacing(door width) mm 3200
Spindle nose to worktable distance mm 300-1600
Workbench size(X direction) mm 6000
Workbench size(Y direction) mm 2500
Maximum load of workbench T 28
Drive method # Direct drive+gear box
Spindle taper # BT-50Ø190(long nose)
Spindle speed r.p.m 6000
The maximum output torque of the spindle N.m 770/1089
Spindle power kW 22/26
Feed system
Rapid feed rateX/Y/Z m/min 10/12/12
Cutting feed rateX/Y/Z mm/min 1-8000
X/Y/Zmotor power kW 6/7/7
X axis positioning precision(full travel) mm 0.035
Y axis positioning precision(full travel) mm 0.025
Z axis positioning precision(full travel) mm 0.015
X axis Repeatability mm 0.025
Y axis Repeatability mm 0.020
Z axis Repeatability mm 0.010
Electricity demand kVA 60
Air pressure specification bar 6.5

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It can effectively meet the challenges of every high-tech industry, whether it is the complex work of the aviation industry or the precise requirements of technology in the medical industry
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    New energy vehicle industry
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    Aerospace industry
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