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Q & A
  • To Be the Industry Leading CNC Equipment Provider

    Jirfine Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a CNC machine tool service provider integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Its products are widely used in aerospace, automobiles, ships, consumer electronics, precision molds and mechanical parts processing. and other industries.

  • FANUC System Alarm No.1000 - EMG STOP OVERTRAVE

    Q: Emergency stop alarm remains after emergency stop switch is pulled up

    1. Check for the emergency stop signal X8.4 is normal

    2. Check for the emergency stop switch normally open/normally closed is working properly.

    3. Check for the emergency stop wiring/terminal looseness and wiring disconnection.

    4. Multimeter check the switch contacts loose / closed is normal

  • FANUC System Alarm No.1001 - AXIS NOT HOME

    Q: This alarm appears when the program execution button is pressed in automatic mode

    Shift to handwheel mode to return all axes to home position

  • FANUC System Alarm No.1002 - MC OL

    Q: System Anomaly

    Shut down and reboot, check to see if it clears up

  • FANUC System Alarm No.1003 - LUBE LEVLE LOW

    Q: Low oil level/insufficient pressure

    1. Check whether the oil level of the oiler is too low.

    2. Check whether the oiler level switch is normal or not.

    3. Check whether the oil pipe of the three axles is leaking or broken.