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Ingenuity Quality

Ingenuity to polish quality, all efforts are hidden under the iceberg

Management System

Traceable Management System

The distribution location of the product factory can be traced Product production history can be traced back

The source of raw materials and parts can be traced

Process Management

Refined process management

It adopts a unitized and modular production management system of "specialized personnel, dedicated posts, and organic combination of various processes".

Each process is signed and confirmed by the corresponding responsible person, and each link is independently controlled according to product standards. It further improves the standardization of products and the efficiency of production, which not only shortens the production cycle, but also ensures the technical and quality standards of the finished products to the greatest extent.

Quality Control

There are 66 employees in quality control center and is managed by a team of international brand leaders.
The quality control center is equipped with international advanced measuring instruments such as three-coordinate measuring instrument, laser interferometer, ball bar detector, dynamic balance detector, vibration analysis, etc., which provide guarantee for the high precision, high yield and high reliability of the CNC machine.

Accessory Quality

Accessories adopt international first-line brand products

Guide rail,ball screw, spindle, bearings and other parts in Germany, Japan and other international brands