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Configure Free Upgrades

Jirfine's cost rises to 108%; Customer's cost falls to 75%
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    Grease Lubrication System Upgrade

    The standard lubrication system of the whole series of vertical and drilling machines is upgraded from thin oil lubrication to grease lubrication.

    · Less grease consumption, more environmentally friendly
    · Long maintenance intervals for greater conve nience
    · Quickly change the oil pack, more convenient
    · The cutting fluid is less oily and more durable
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    Adapt to different working conditions, Comes with two types of grease

    Normal temperature type ALA-07-00

    suitable for southern customers (above -5℃ )

    Low temperature type ALB-07-00

    suitable for northern customers (above -20℃ )

Configure Free Upgrades

The direct-coupled spindle configuration of V-8, VH-85, V-11, V-13 and other models is upgraded from BT spindle to BBT spindle.
· Improve workpiece surface and dimensional accuracy
· Improve the repeatability accuracy of tool changes
· Improve the roundness of boring machining
· Extend tool life
· Suppresses shank discoloration caused by vibration during heavy cutting

The BBT spindle double-sided positioning system achieves the simultaneous positioning of the taper hole and the end face by strictly controlling the dimensions of the spindle end face and the tool surface. The double-sided positioning system increases the reference diameter of the spindle clamping tool holder, and the rigidity is significantly enhanced.

* The upgraded BBT spindle is fully compatible with the customer's existing BT tool holder, but the use of the BT tool holder cannot take advantage of the double-sided positioning of the BBT spindle. It is recommended to use the BBT tool holder.

Grease Lubrication System Upgrade

After upgrading the grease lubrication system, each machine tool of Jirfine saves annually 176 liters of chemical oil

  • 400kg
    equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 400kg
  • 1ton
    1 ton of water resources
    (reduce oil pollution of cutting fluid and increase service life)