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The 12th China Manufacturing Expo closed in Tianjin 90,000 industry professionals participated in the grand occasion of smart manufacturing


The 12th China Manufacturing Expo closed in Tianjin 90,000 industry professionals participated in the grand occasion of smart manufacturing

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2020/10/15 01:22
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ReportedbyWangMin,ChinaDevelopmentNetwork Theintelligentdevelopmentof"MadeinChina2025+Internet"hasbecometheonlywayforthemanufacturingindustry.Thespecificplanofintelligentdevelopmenthasbecomethefocusofattentionofindustryprofessionals.The12thChinaChinawillbeheldinTianjinMeijiangConventionandExhibitionCenteronMarch9-12.Atthemanufacturingfair,nearly100industryexpertsfromallovertheworldgatheredonthescenetoholdhigh-endforumsandnewproductpromotionmeetingstodiscussthedevelopmentdirectionoftheindustry.Therobotexhibitsbroughtbytopcompaniesintheindustryshowtheadvancedlevelandtechnologyofthecurrentdevelopmentofintelligentmanufacturing;theorganizingcommitteelaunchedtheglobalbuyerinvitationprogramtoservetherigidneedsoftheindustry’sin-depthadjustments,presentingahotprocurementtrendonthespot,andcreatingasingleArecordofordersexceeding100millionyuan. TheexhibitionlaunchedtheentireMeijiangConventionandExhibitionCenter.Theexhibitionareaisnearly80,000squaremeters.Ithas5professionalsub-projectsincludingmachinetools,robots,automation,plasticsandrubber,and3Dprinting,attractingnearly1,200frommorethan20countriesandregions.Well-knowncompaniesattendedtheexhibitionandexhibitedmorethan2,000setsofcompletemachines.Theequipmentexhibitedthistimeexhibitedprominentfeaturessuchashigh-end,numericalcontrol,andintelligence.PartoftheexhibitswereexhibitedinTianjinforthefirsttime,andwereofaworld-leadinglevel. Robotsfolloweverything Kawasaki’ssworddancingrobotsanddual-armrobots,Guangshu’sdragondancingrobots,HangzhouHappyFlyingRobots,Tencent’slifeandentertainmentrobots,ABB’shandlingrobots,Stäubli’sunderwaterrobots,ChangzhouChangzhoufirefightingrobots,LongYu'sendplaterobot,Panasonic'sweldingrobot,TaianJichuangadventurerobot...
Reported by Wang Min, China Development Network
The intelligent development of "Made in China 2025 + Internet" has become the only way for the manufacturing industry. The specific plan of intelligent development has become the focus of attention of industry professionals. The 12th China China will be held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on March 9-12. At the manufacturing fair, nearly 100 industry experts from all over the world gathered on the scene to hold high-end forums and new product promotion meetings to discuss the development direction of the industry. The robot exhibits brought by top companies in the industry show the advanced level and technology of the current development of intelligent manufacturing; the organizing committee launched the global buyer invitation program to serve the rigid needs of the industry’s in-depth adjustments, presenting a hot procurement trend on the spot, and creating a single A record of orders exceeding 100 million yuan.
The exhibition launched the entire Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is nearly 80,000 square meters. It has 5 professional sub-projects including machine tools, robots, automation, plastics and rubber, and 3D printing, attracting nearly 1,200 from more than 20 countries and regions. Well-known companies attended the exhibition and exhibited more than 2,000 sets of complete machines. The equipment exhibited this time exhibited prominent features such as high-end, numerical control, and intelligence. Part of the exhibits were exhibited in Tianjin for the first time, and were of a world-leading level.
Robots follow everything
Kawasaki’s sword dancing robots and dual-arm robots, Guangshu’s dragon dancing robots, Hangzhou Happy Flying Robots, Tencent’s life and entertainment robots, ABB’s handling robots, Stäubli’s underwater robots, Changzhou Changzhou firefighting robots, Long Yu's end plate robot, Panasonic's welding robot, Taian Jichuang adventure robot...

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