Bone plate

Bone plate (Test 测试)

Boost the speed of the new energy track and create an iterative example of productivity
Bone plate (Test 测试)

Industry Analysis1111


11111 Following the national release of the "2035 Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality" strategic deployment, the consumption potential of new energy vehicles has been further released, and at the same time, it has driven the rapid development of the three-electric system industry.

Among them, the scale of my country's new energy vehicle electronic control market has an average annual compound growth rate of 25.95%. It is expected that the market scale will maintain a high-speed growth trend in the next five years.

Pain Points Encountered by Customers

Process Analysis

Electronic Control
Housing Processing Technology
  • The upper cover of the electronic control housing is also a thin-walled part, and its dustproof and waterproof rating also needs to reach IP67 or above, and its joint surface with the electronic control housing requires very high flatness and smoothness.
  • The material of the electronic control housing is usually made of die-casting aluminum alloy with high hardness, light weight, good heat transfer and high cost performance, which belongs to thin-walled parts; The dustproof and waterproof grade of the electronic control enclosure must reach IP67 or above. Therefore, when the shell is processed, it is necessary to always consider the sealing performance after subsequent assembly with the end cover.
Introduction to the Manufacturing Process of Common Electronic Control Housings
  • Raw Material
  • Die Casting
  • CNC
  • Stir Welding
  • CNC
  • To Monitor
  • Assembly
0Process Takt Summary
0Process Takt Summary
0Process Takt Summary
0Process Takt Summary
0Process Takt Summary

Equipment Selection

Trip Analysis
  • Calculate the high demand of the four-axis center through the simulation of the largest circumscribed circle of the workpiece and fixture

    Calculating Quad Riser Height Based on Quad Model

    When calculating the distance from the spindle nose to the table through the maximum overhang of the tool and the tool holder

Equipment Selection Analysis
  • V-8 New Energy Special Plane Configuration

    According to the requirements of new energy configuration, develop an integrated heightened 250 column, strengthen rigidity, improve the stability of machine tool precision and meet the requirements of accelerating production tempo

  • The New Development Configuration Includes

    BBT40 electric spindle 16000rpm, scraper type drum chip conveyor, 32T tool magazine and automatic door of tool magazine, top spray, etc.

    Shipped machines: about 150

Full Chain Service

Paternity Service
  • Hands-on Debugging
  • Product Proofing
  • Mass Production
Pre-Sale Service
  • 30+
    National permanent outlets (units)
  • 102+
    After-sales service team (person)
  • 65+
    Maintenance vehicle (vehicle)

Equipped with a full set of detection equipment "failure reporting - maintenance - feedback" closed-loop control