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Why do so many people from Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association go to Guangdong?


Why do so many people from Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association go to Guangdong?

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2016/06/30 12:30
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Since June 13th, the 207th issue of Quanzhou Business Daily published an article focusing on the transformation and upgrading of Quanzhou's mold industry-"Mother of Industry" Weak Staying Power Quanzhou Molds Urgently Need "Fuel", which caused a great response in the mold industry. Recently, a special reporter from China Business Daily followed the Quanzhou mold industry delegation to study and inspect in Guangdong, and once again followed up and reported on how the mold industry was transformed and upgraded.
From June 20th to noon on June 23rd, Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association carried out a study and inspection activity with the theme of "Guangdong Learning Journey, the Beginning of Quanmo Reform". Under the leadership of Chen Jingwei, President of Quanzhou Mould Industry Association, a delegation of more than 20 people visited Dongguan Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zicheng Mould Steel Co., Ltd., Dongguan Haojing Plastic Products Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Wuxin Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shangding Technology Co., Ltd. cover processing equipment, mold manufacturing and other fields.
For the delegation, the main purpose of this trip to Guangdong is to go out of Quanzhou to inspect and learn from the outstanding experiences and successful cases of counterparts in other places. During the period, the members of the delegation conducted a detailed comparison and discussion of molds in Quanzhou and Guangdong, and made no secret of the gap between themselves and their counterparts in Guangdong. During the inspection with the team, the reporter repeatedly heard the mold entrepreneurs in Quanzhou clearly pointed out their various shortcomings: from the cleanliness and utilization of the workshop to the management of the enterprise and the application of advanced equipment.
丨Quanzhou Mould Industry Association went to Guangdong to study and inspect
On the basis of facing these gaps squarely, Quanzhou mold entrepreneurs took the initiative to consult their counterparts in Guangdong. Every enterprise or company, the members of the inspection team are like the best students to learn. They surround the operators of Guangdong enterprises and all process personnel. They work tirelessly on the details of enterprise management, mold processing, equipment application, and space utilization. Ask him for advice and discussion. It is worth mentioning that on the evening of the 20th, more than a dozen members of the inspection group gathered together to exchange their feelings and gains during the daytime inspection, so as to promote the development of the industry and the company. Jointly explore the future development trend of Quanzhou mold industry.
Currently, all manufacturing industries in Quanzhou are in a period of transformation and upgrading. Known as the "mother of industry", the mold industry will assume more responsibilities in the future to better respond to and support the transformation and upgrading needs of other manufacturing industries. This is also the original intention of the Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association to conduct Guangdong study and inspection.
丨Ge Jiameng, Sales Director of Dongguan Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced processing equipment to members of the delegation
丨Chen Jingwei, President of Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association, discussed mold processing with local enterprise workshop personnel
In the near future, the Commercial Daily will also publish special reports on the study and inspection activities of Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association in Guangzhou, so stay tuned.
[] Mold people have something to say——
Chen Jingwei
President of Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association
Chairman of Quanzhou Zongda Mould Co., Ltd.
This event was very successful. It not only guided the development direction of Quanzhou mold enterprises, but also narrowed the distance between the association and the industry. In addition, what I have seen and heard in these two days are eye-opening. Especially for the three mold production and use companies we inspected, their production management is worth learning and learning from the mold industry in Quanzhou, which is undergoing transformation and upgrading.
For a long time, mold companies in Quanzhou have focused on localization and are mostly oriented to local industries and markets. This is quite different from their counterparts in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and other places in Guangdong. Most mold companies in Guangdong have introduced foreign investment and are facing greater pressure on management and market competition, but in the end they will turn these pressures into driving forces and fight the market with a real sword. This study and inspection activity in Guangdong allowed us to face up to the gap between the two places and received a lot of inspiration. In the future, the association will be more proactive in carrying out such activities to help mold entrepreneurs in Quanzhou recognize and learn advanced experience from other places.
Wu Jingyu
Honorary President of Quanzhou Mould Industry
[Haixi Intelligent Manufacturing Course Research Group] Expert members
This trip to Guangdong is the first time that Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association has gone out to learn from experience. This practice is relatively rare among industry associations in the province. The mold industry in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong has its advantages and characteristics. Foreign investment is more involved, and the grasp of new formats and trends is relatively timely; mold companies in Quanzhou are mostly local, and 90% of mold entrepreneurs are locals. In this regard, Quanzhou's mold industry has advantages in enterprise clusters. How to use this to make a fuss is worth thinking about.
At the same time, Guangdong's mold companies have done a relatively good job of standardizing management and implemented it persistently. This is worth learning from Quanzhou mold companies. Many mold companies in Quanzhou also implement 5S management, but most of them are mere formalities and have not long-term persistence and renewal.
Huang Xingdong
Senior Consultant of Quanzhou Die & Mould Industry Association
[Haixi Intelligent Manufacturing Course Research Group] Expert members
I have three deep feelings during the study tour in Guangdong. First of all, the innovation consciousness of Guangdong enterprises, including the innovation of technology and management model, is worth learning. Among them, the leader is the key to whether an enterprise can innovate in technology and mode. Management innovation is better than technical innovation, and the concept should be emphasized first.
Second, each of the five companies we visited has a 5S or 6S slogan on the wall-this is the basic skill of the company, just like a martial artist who wants to make a stride, the basic skill is not good, and all the tricks are Imaginary.
Third, from the bosses, executives, and employees of several companies that I met during this inspection, I deeply felt "being a pre-behavior" from their speech, behavior, and dealing with others. Operators must have ideas, capabilities, and be respected and trusted by employees; corporate colleagues have good spirits, teamwork is in place, and everyone is serious, responsible and efficient.

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