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The development of CNC machine tools


The development of CNC machine tools

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2020/10/15 01:05
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High-speed, high-precision, high-reliability, composite, intelligent, flexible, integrated and open are the main development directions of today's CNC machine tool industry.
Numerical control technology has a history of more than 40 years. It is a comprehensive new discipline developed from the four basic disciplines of mechanics, control, electronics, and computer science. The need of technological development puts forward higher requirements for the CNC technology in the 21st century.
1. The development trend of individualization
1. High speed, high precision and high reliability
High speed: increase the feed speed and increase the spindle speed.
High precision: its precision ranges from micron level to sub-micron level, and even nanometer level (high reliability: the reliability of general CNC systems is more than one order of magnitude higher than the reliability of CNC equipment, but it is not that the higher the reliability, the better , Because commodities are constrained by the price-performance ratio.
2. Composite
The core of the development of composite functions of CNC machine tools is to complete various operations such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming and reaming on one machine tool, thereby improving the efficiency and processing accuracy of the machine tool, and improving production.的flexibility.
3. Intelligent
The content of intelligence includes all aspects of the numerical control system: to pursue the intelligence of processing efficiency and processing quality; to improve the drive performance and the convenience of use and connection; to simplify the programming and simplify the operation of the intelligence; and Such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent man-machine interface, etc., as well as intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, etc., to facilitate system diagnosis and maintenance.
4. Flexibility and integration
The trend of the development of CNC machine tools to flexible automation systems in the world today is: from point (CNC single machine, machining center and CNC compound machining machine tool), line (FMC, FMS, FTL, FML) to surface (independent manufacturing island FA for workshop section) The direction of development of, body (CIMS, distributed network integrated manufacturing system), on the other hand, is developing in the direction of focusing on application and economy. Flexible automation technology is the main means for the manufacturing industry to adapt to dynamic market demand and rapid product update. It is the mainstream trend of the development of manufacturing industries in various countries and the basic technology in the field of advanced manufacturing.
2. Personalization is the development trend of market adaptability
In today’s market, the pattern of international cooperation is gradually taking shape, product competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the demand for high-efficiency and high-precision processing methods is constantly escalating, and the individual requirements of users are becoming stronger and more specialized, specialized, and high-tech machine tools. Get the favor of users.
3. Openness is the development trend of system structure
The core of the development of a new generation of CNC system is openness. Openness An open system with a software platform and a hardware platform adopts a modular and hierarchical structure, and provides a unified application program interface through the form.
In order to solve the problems of the traditional closedness of CNC system and the industrial production of CNC application software. At present, many countries are conducting research on open CNC systems, and the openness of CNC systems has become the future road of CNC systems. At present, the architecture specification, communication specification, configuration specification, operating platform, numerical control system function library and numerical control system function software development tools of open CNC system are the core of current research. Networked CNC equipment is a new focus in the past two years. The networking of CNC equipment will greatly meet the information integration needs of production lines, manufacturing systems, and manufacturing companies, and it is also a basic unit for realizing new manufacturing modes such as agile manufacturing, virtual enterprises, and global manufacturing. Some well-known CNC machine tools and CNC system manufacturing companies at home and abroad have introduced related new concepts and prototypes in the past two years.

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