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Qiao Feng caring people-oriented, caring for employees to share worries and solve problems


Qiao Feng caring people-oriented, caring for employees to share worries and solve problems

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2020/10/15 00:47
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On the morning of May 27, the director of Dongguan Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd. Mu Shenghui and the administrative manager Zhu Feng led relevant personnel to visit Lei Jiangwei's colleagues and family members who were sick and hospitalized, and delivered the condolences to them and the company directors The care and condolences of Mr. Jiang Xiuhua and all colleagues.

Director Mu Yixing drove more than 40 kilometers to Kanghua Hospital in Nancheng District, Dongguan City to visit and condolences to Lei Jiangwei, the quality manager of Qiaofeng Machinery Qiaotou Branch. Lei Jiangwei suffered a sudden illness and has been hospitalized for more than 20 days.

The company leaders were particularly concerned about Lei Jiangwei’s physical condition. After coming to the ward, they first asked about Lei Jiangwei’s colleagues.“Is your condition better? What are the difficulties now?”

After cordial conversations with the patients and their families, the company leaders also inquired in detail about the condition and treatment, and handed over 53778 yuan of charity donation raised by the company to Lei Jiangwei. Encourage them with concern to build up their confidence, and their spirits must not collapse, and they must actively cooperate with the treatment to strive for a speedy recovery.The cordial words made the sick employees and their families deeply feel the company's care for them, and the employees and their families who received condolences expressed their sincere gratitude for the company's care and condolences. After accepting the donation with both hands, he was very excited. He repeatedly thanked the company leaders for being able to visit him during his busy schedule. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to the leaders and colleagues who gave him a helping hand. He expressed that he would definitely cooperate. The doctor is actively treating, please rest assured company leaders. Seeing Qiao Feng's employee care actions, the family members also showed a gratifying smile.Since its establishment in 2009, Dongguan Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the people-oriented principle, actively building a harmonious enterprise, solving problems for employees, and relieving employees' worries, so that every employee can truly appreciate the care of the Qiaofeng family. When employees encounter difficulties, the company's leaders always take the employees' warmth and warmth in their hearts, and take time to visit and sympathize, so that they can feel the warmth of the corporate family and enhance their confidence in overcoming difficulties.After the visit, the colleagues waved goodbye. Let us wish Lei Jiangwei colleagues a speedy recovery, return to the warm family of Qiao Feng, and continue to work and study with everyone.

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