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Thank you for your ten years of company "Qiao Feng Classic" V-8 great benefits


Thank you for your ten years of company "Qiao Feng Classic" V-8 great benefits

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2019/05/07 22:51
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Tenyearsofwindandcloud,unforgettablefootprint;                                            Tenyearsofhardwork,writingabrilliantchapter;                                            Tenyearsofaccumulation,fullofconfidence;                                            Thejourneyoftenyearsislikeasong.Lookingbackonthepast,QiaoFeng'speoplehaveaworthyhistory;lookingforwardtothefuture,QiaoFeng'speoplewillcontinuetheirglory.LetusrolloutthehistoricalpictureandlistentothegorgeousmovementofQiaoFengMachinery'stenyearsofstruggle,tenyearsofhardwork,andtenyearsofpassion.DongguanQiaofengMachineryCo.,Ltd.wasregisteredandestablishedinMay2009.Aftertenyearsofrapiddevelopment,QiaofengGrouphasnowrankedamongtheforefrontofthecomprehensivestrengthofthedomesticmachinetoolindustry.HeadquarteredinChangpingTown,DongguanCity,itcoversanareaof20acresandhasaworkshopof15,000squaremeters.Another50acresofQiaofengIndustrialParkisunderplanning.Atpresent,QiaofengGrouphasestablishedfourprecisionCNCmachinetoolproductionandresearchbasesinGuangdongandJiangsu,withacumulativeareaof106,000squaremetersandanannualmaximumproductioncapacityofmorethan5,000CNCmachinetools.Sincethen,thecompanyhasopenedanewchapterinhistory.Aftertheexpansion,QiaofengMachinerygavefullplaytoitsownadvantages,strictlygraspedinternalmanagement,adjustedstrategicdeployment,andfullymobilizedtheenthusiasmofemployees,andtheproductionandoperationsituationwasadvancingbyleapsandbounds.‘InthegratifyingdayofQiaofengMachinery’s10thanniversary,QiaofengGrouphasspeciallybroughtgreatbenefitstothepopularclassicmodelV-8inordertogivebacktonewandoldcustomers.ClassiclookThefullyenclosedtoolmagazinecanbetterprotectthetools.Theshortnoseisdirectlyconnectedto12000RPM,whichismorerigid.MitsubishiM80system,spindle11KW.Solenoidvalveandthree-pointcombinationofCKDofJapan,powersupplyandrelayofOmron,circuitbreakerandACcontactorofSchneiderofFrance.Originalaccessoriesfrommajorinternationalfactories,pricereductionwithoutdegradation.                                      QiaoFengV-8Juhui’sdoorisabouttoopen,                                         Thenakedpriceiscoming,sostaytuned.                                        Fordetailsoftheevent,pleaseconsultQiaoFengSalesElite.                                        Opportunitiesdon’thappeneveryday,soyoucandoitwhenit’stimetodoit.

                                                                                       Ten years of wind and cloud, unforgettable footprint;
                                                                                       Ten years of hard work, writing a brilliant chapter;
                                                                                       Ten years of accumulation, full of confidence;
                                                                                       The journey of ten years is like a song.
Looking back on the past, Qiao Feng's people have a worthy history; looking forward to the future, Qiao Feng's people will continue their glory. Let us roll out the historical picture and listen to the gorgeous movement of Qiao Feng Machinery's ten years of struggle, ten years of hard work, and ten years of passion.
Dongguan Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was registered and established in May 2009. After ten years of rapid development, Qiaofeng Group has now ranked among the forefront of the comprehensive strength of the domestic machine tool industry. Headquartered in Changping Town, Dongguan City, it covers an area of 20 acres and has a workshop of 15,000 square meters. Another 50 acres of Qiaofeng Industrial Park is under planning. At present, Qiaofeng Group has established four precision CNC machine tool production and research bases in Guangdong and Jiangsu, with a cumulative area of 106,000 square meters and an annual maximum production capacity of more than 5,000 CNC machine tools. Since then, the company has opened a new chapter in history. After the expansion, Qiaofeng Machinery gave full play to its own advantages, strictly grasped internal management, adjusted strategic deployment, and fully mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, and the production and operation situation was advancing by leaps and bounds.‘In the gratifying day of Qiaofeng Machinery’s 10th anniversary, Qiaofeng Group has specially brought great benefits to the popular classic model V-8 in order to give back to new and old customers.Classic lookThe fully enclosed tool magazine can better protect the tools. The short nose is directly connected to 12000RPM, which is more rigid.Mitsubishi M80 system, spindle 11KW.Solenoid valve and three-point combination of CKD of Japan, power supply and relay of Omron, circuit breaker and AC contactor of Schneider of France. Original accessories from major international factories, price reduction without degradation.                                                                             Qiao Feng V-8 Juhui’s door is about to open,
                                                                                  The naked price is coming, so stay tuned.

                                                                               For details of the event, please consult Qiao Feng Sales Elite.
                                                                                Opportunities don’t happen every day, so you can do it when it’s time to do it.

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