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Wonderful Machine Tool Show | Outstanding Qiaofeng Machine


Wonderful Machine Tool Show | Outstanding Qiaofeng Machine

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2019/03/02 08:30
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At 14:00 on March 1, 2019, the 2019 CME China Machine Tool Show that lasted four days ended successfully. As Qiao Feng Machinery whose mission is to "make manufacturing more efficient, more accurate and more stable", it has achieved very ideal results at this CME machine tool exhibition.

Qiao Feng's elite team appeared at this exhibition

According to official statistics, the number of visitors on the first day of the exhibition reached 30,118, and the number of visitors on the second day reached 35,534. The total number of visitors in 4 days was 110,000, and the popularity of visitors hit a record high!

Qiaofeng HSD series high-speed gantry machining center is a brand-new model developed for the automotive mold and high-end mold industry. It is equipped with an integrated base and integrated door bridge. The super rigid body is matched with the latest style of structure and appearance design. Qiao Feng's unique design concept cleverly blends mechanical power with technological aesthetics. The appearance and strength coexist, which can be described as both internal and external.

Customers from Zhejiang prefer to purchase three sets

Mr. Xia explained the VH-1890 optical machine to customers

Customer from Kunshan, Jiangsu signed the order on site

Qiao Feng T-10 expands the processing field of BT30, a model of powerful cutting ability, high speed, high efficiency and high productivity.

Local customers from Shanghai sign on-site
With the theme of "Born for Strong Manufacturing in China", this year's machine tool exhibition focuses on intelligent manufacturing upgrades and innovations, focusing on displaying the latest technologies and solutions in the manufacturing sector in 2019, promoting machine tool product innovation, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing.
Qiaofeng Machinery strives to pursue market share at home and abroad, while also taking quality as the foundation and taking the revitalization of national industry as its mission. Although the CME machine tool exhibition at the end of February has ended, the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition at the end of March is coming again, and the more brilliant Qiao Feng Machinery will be presented to you.

About Qiaofeng Machinery
Dongguan Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a production enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of high-end CNC machine tools. The company mainly produces high-end, general-purpose, and cost-effective machining centers, including: vertical machining center series, horizontal machining center series, gantry machining center series, drilling and tapping machining center series, precision carving machines, CNC vertical lathes, etc. Dozens of products in six series. In various electronic products (including IT products, communication products, consumer electronics), auto parts, various mold processing, medical equipment, aviation, aerospace, military, ships, petroleum machinery, instrumentation, new energy, automation equipment, general machinery Various industries have a wide range of applications.
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