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Qiao Feng Machinery strives to be the backbone of China's manufacturing 2025 machine tool industry


Qiao Feng Machinery strives to be the backbone of China's manufacturing 2025 machine tool industry

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2020/10/15 01:24
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[InterviewbyChinaMachineToolBusinessNetwork]The9thChinaCNCMachineToolFair(CCMT2016)washeldonApril11-15,2016attheShanghaiNewInternationalExpoCenter.ChinaMachineToolBusinessNetworkattendedthisexhibitionasapartnermediaoftheexhibition,usinglensestofocusonthehotspotsoftheexhibitionandquicklyconveyingfreshinformationoftheexhibitionwithtext.Attheexhibitionsite,areporterfromChinaMachineToolBusinessNetworkhadthehonortointerviewMr.GeJiameng,SalesDirectorofQiaofengMachineryCo.,Ltd.    Jc35reporter:Followindustrytrendsandfocusoncorporatestyle.Helloeveryone,IamareporterfromChinaMachineToolBusinessNetwork.Thisistheexhibitionsiteofthe2016CCMTChinaCNCMachineToolShow.WearehonoredtobeattheboothofQiaofengMachineryCo.,Ltd.atthisstop.NowweareinterviewingMr.GeJiameng,thecompany'ssalesdirector.Mr.Ge,hello!    DirectorGe:Hello.MachineToolBusinessNetworkInterviewedQiaoFengMachineryDirector   Jc35reporter:QiaofengMachineryhasexperiencedalongperiodofdevelopmentsinceitsestablishmentin1996.NowthecompanyhasbecomeaprofessionalmachinetoolmanufacturerintegratingR&D,productionandsales.Canyoubrieflytellusaboutthecompany'sdevelopmenthistoryandsomeofthecompany'scurrentachievements?    GeDirector:QiaoFengMachinerywasestablishedin1996.After20yearsofdevelopment,thecompanyhasformedasoundprocesssystemtoprovidecustomerswithone-stopservicefromR&D,design,assemblytosales.QiaofengMachineryisheadquarteredinChangping,Dongguan,andthecompanyhasabranchinNanjing.Inaddition,wealsohaveasheetmetalcompanyinChangping,Dongguan,calledDongguanJuhui(transliteration).Thecompany'sentireorganizationalstructurecoversdesign,researchanddevelopment,production,procurement,marketdevelopment,etc.Theentireteamandeachlinkarecomplementary.Adheringtothetenetof"servingcustomers"and"makingcustomerssatisfied",thecompanycontinuouslyimprovesthequalityandstabilityofitsproducts.QiaofengMachinerystrivestomake"better"productssothatcustomerscanuseQiaofengMachinery'sproductsateaseandhappily.    Jc35reporter:Innovationisthedrivingforceforthedevelopmentofanenterprise.Intoday'srelativelysluggishmarketenvironment,innovationisthecompetitiveadvantageofanenterprise.WhereistheinnovationofQiaoFengMachinery?Comparedwiththeproductsofothercompanies,whatarethedifferencesofthecompany'sproducts?    GeDirector:QiaofengMachineryiscurrentlyconstantlyconsolidatingtheexistingproductqualityandimprovingtheproductcostperformance.Inresponsetomarketdemand,thecompanycontinuouslydevelopsnewproductstomeetcustomerneeds.Thecompany'sproductsincludeTserieshigh-speeddrillingandtappingcenters,Vseriespartsmachiningcenters,VMCmoldmachiningcenters,LMseriesgantrymachiningcenters,latheseries,turning-millingcompositemachiningcentersandhorizontalmachiningcenters.Forexample,theopticalmachinenexttousisanewproductwiththreelines.OurVMCseriesmachinetoolsusethree-axishardrails,andweusedthree-axisrailsforthenewproductswebroughttotheexhibitiontoday.Thisnewproductcanfullymeettherequirementsofmoldproduction,highqualityandhighstabilityintermsofconfigurationandstructure.    Jc35reporter:Youjustintroducedtousthecompany'sachievementsandinnovationsinproductdevelopment.Withtheincreasingcompetitivenessofthemarketenvironment,whatlayoutwillQiaofengMachineryhaveintermsofmarketing?    GeDirector:Atthebeginningofthecompany,thecompanyfocusedonthedevelopmentofthePearlRiverDeltaandYangtzeRiverDeltamarkets,andassistedthedevelopmentofmarketsinotherregions.Facedwiththechangingmarketenvironment,QiaofengMachinerywillfocusonthedevelopmentoftheNorthChinaregionthisyear,takingintoaccountallregionalmarketsacrossthecountry.AimingatNorthChina,CentralChina,Southwest,Northwestandotherregions,thecompanywilldeploymultiplelocations,setupoffices,anddevelopagentsanddistributors.Inaddition,QiaofengMachinerywillalsofocuspartofitsfocusonoverseastradewhenthedomesticmarketisproperlydeployed.ThecompanywillstartfromSoutheastAsia,CentralAsia,andtheMiddleEast,andgraduallyimprovetheforeignmarket.    Jc35reporter:Thatistosay,QiaofengMachinery'sproductsaremovingfromChinatotheworld.Theafter-salesserviceofproductsisimportanttoconsumersnowadays,canyoutellusabouttheafter-salesserviceofQiaofengmachineryproducts?    GeDirector:Wehaveaverycompleteafter-salesservicemechanismandaprofessionalafter-salesserviceteam.QiaofengMachinery'sofficesinvariousregionsofthecountryareequippedwithseveralafter-salesservicepersonnel.ProfessionalQiaofengemployeeswillcooperatewithcustomerstosolveprocessproblemsencounteredintheproductionprocess,andtimelydealwithproblemsarisingfromtheuseofmachinetoolsforcustomers.Ontheotherhand,inordertobetterservecustomers,thecompanyprovidesafter-salesservicepersonnelinvariousofficeswithspecialvehicles,andQiaofengMachinery’safter-salesservicepersonnelcanarriveatthesceneintimetoservecustomers.    Jc35reporter:TheccmtChinaCNCMachineToolShowisagrandeventintheindustry.QiaoFengMachinerybroughtmanynewproductsandnewtechnologiestotheaudience.Couldyoupleaseintroducethenewproductsthecompanybroughttothesite?    GeDirector:Atthisexhibition,QiaoFengMachineryexhibitedthreenewproducts.Oneisahorizon
[Interview by China Machine Tool Business Network] The 9th China CNC Machine Tool Fair (CCMT2016) was held on April 11-15, 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. China Machine Tool Business Network attended this exhibition as a partner media of the exhibition, using lenses to focus on the hot spots of the exhibition and quickly conveying fresh information of the exhibition with text. At the exhibition site, a reporter from China Machine Tool Business Network had the honor to interview Mr. Ge Jiameng, Sales Director of Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd.
  Jc35 reporter: Follow industry trends and focus on corporate style. Hello everyone, I am a reporter from China Machine Tool Business Network. This is the exhibition site of the 2016 CCMT China CNC Machine Tool Show. We are honored to be at the booth of Qiaofeng Machinery Co., Ltd. at this stop. Now we are interviewing Mr. Ge Jiameng, the company's sales director. Mr. Ge, hello!
   Director Ge: Hello.

Machine Tool Business Network Interviewed Qiao Feng Machinery Director
  Jc35 reporter: Qiaofeng Machinery has experienced a long period of development since its establishment in 1996. Now the company has become a professional machine tool manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Can you briefly tell us about the company's development history and some of the company's current achievements?
  Ge Director: Qiao Feng Machinery was established in 1996. After 20 years of development, the company has formed a sound process system to provide customers with one-stop service from R&D, design, assembly to sales. Qiaofeng Machinery is headquartered in Changping, Dongguan, and the company has a branch in Nanjing. In addition, we also have a sheet metal company in Changping, Dongguan, called Dongguan Juhui (transliteration). The company's entire organizational structure covers design, research and development, production, procurement, market development, etc. The entire team and each link are complementary. Adhering to the tenet of "serving customers" and "making customers satisfied", the company continuously improves the quality and stability of its products. Qiaofeng Machinery strives to make "better" products so that customers can use Qiaofeng Machinery's products at ease and happily.
  Jc35 reporter: Innovation is the driving force for the development of an enterprise. In today's relatively sluggish market environment, innovation is the competitive advantage of an enterprise. Where is the innovation of Qiao Feng Machinery? Compared with the products of other companies, what are the differences of the company's products?
  Ge Director: Qiaofeng Machinery is currently constantly consolidating the existing product quality and improving the product cost performance. In response to market demand, the company continuously develops new products to meet customer needs. The company's products include T series high-speed drilling and tapping centers, V series parts machining centers, VMC mold machining centers, LM series gantry machining centers, lathe series, turning-milling composite machining centers and horizontal machining centers. For example, the optical machine next to us is a new product with three lines. Our VMC series machine tools use three-axis hard rails, and we used three-axis rails for the new products we brought to the exhibition today. This new product can fully meet the requirements of mold production, high quality and high stability in terms of configuration and structure.
  Jc35 reporter: You just introduced to us the company's achievements and innovations in product development. With the increasing competitiveness of the market environment, what layout will Qiaofeng Machinery have in terms of marketing?
  Ge Director: At the beginning of the company, the company focused on the development of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta markets, and assisted the development of markets in other regions. Faced with the changing market environment, Qiaofeng Machinery will focus on the development of the North China region this year, taking into account all regional markets across the country. Aiming at North China, Central China, Southwest, Northwest and other regions, the company will deploy multiple locations, set up offices, and develop agents and distributors. In addition, Qiaofeng Machinery will also focus part of its focus on overseas trade when the domestic market is properly deployed. The company will start from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East, and gradually improve the foreign market.
  Jc35 reporter: That is to say, Qiaofeng Machinery's products are moving from China to the world. The after-sales service of products is important to consumers nowadays, can you tell us about the after-sales service of Qiaofeng machinery products?
  Ge Director: We have a very complete after-sales service mechanism and a professional after-sales service team. Qiaofeng Machinery's offices in various regions of the country are equipped with several after-sales service personnel. Professional Qiaofeng employees will cooperate with customers to solve process problems encountered in the production process, and timely deal with problems arising from the use of machine tools for customers . On the other hand, in order to better serve customers, the company provides after-sales service personnel in various offices with special vehicles, and Qiaofeng Machinery’s after-sales service personnel can arrive at the scene in time to serve customers.
  Jc35 reporter: The ccmt China CNC Machine Tool Show is a grand event in the industry. Qiao Feng Machinery brought many new products and new technologies to the audience. Could you please introduce the new products the company brought to the site?
  Ge Director: At this exhibition, Qiao Feng Machinery exhibited three new products. One is a horizontal machining center. The company has been designing and developing this product since the beginning of last year. After a whole year of testing, improvement and optimization in 2015, we officially launched this product on the market in 2016. We have promoted this product in both new and old customers. Customers are very satisfied with this product. The company continues to receive orders from the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and North China. Another 1690 model machine tool is also a new product developed after a year of research and development. After continuous improvement and optimization, this year we showed the optical machine of this machine tool to a large audience, which brought shocking feelings to many audiences. . At the end of May this year, the 1690 and 1890 three-line complete products will be introduced to the market.
   In addition, we have also brought a high-speed, high-precision drilling and attacking center with 30,000 revolutions, which was officially launched on the market at the beginning of this year. Once this equipment was launched, it successively received production orders for 380 machine tools, with sales of up to 140 million yuan. Due to booth restrictions at this CCMT exhibition, Qiaofeng Machinery also failed to bring two lathe products to the scene. These two products have already met with you at the 2016 CME Machine Tool Show.
  Qiaofeng Machinery Nanjing Branch is also carrying out independent research and development of the gantry machining center. From design to final assembly, the gantry machining center produced by Qiaofeng Machinery is completed in Nanjing branch.
  Jc35 reporter: The Prime Minister put forward the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan last year. What is Mr. Ge's view on this strategy?
Director Ge: my country’s machine tools are not in a high position globally, so our boss, Mr. Jiang, of Qiaofeng Machinery, has always had a dream and a goal: to make Qiaofeng machine tools better than those of major international brands. Manufacturers compete. First of all, we must continuously improve and enhance the quality of our products; secondly, we must improve and accelerate the after-sales service mechanism. As far as Qiaofeng Machinery is concerned, no matter where the customer comes from, whether it is a customer who has purchased one machine tool or two hundred machine tools, or even a customer who has purchased a thousand machine tools, our service mechanism is the same. We can provide customers with prompt and timely service, think about what customers want, and do what they want to do.
  Jc35 reporter: I believe the majority of netizens have a deeper understanding of Qiao Feng Machinery after some introduction by Mr. Ge. It is believed that Qiaofeng Machinery will be able to push the national brand machine tools to the world better with its technical strength and perfect after-sales service. Here, I would like to thank Mr. Ge again for accepting the interview with China Machine Tool Business Network. Mr. Ge, thank you.
   Director Ge: Thank you.

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