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Practice internal skills, compare skills, and set a pacesetter | the first CNC skills contest of Tengyang Machinery in Nanjing Branch ended perfectly.
June 26, 2023
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In the golden autumn of October, The first CNC Skills Competition of Nanjing Teng Yang Machinery Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jirfine Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, was successfully held. The competition aims to provide a platform for learning and communication, create a good learning atmosphere, and achieve the purpose of "promoting learning through competition".

Introduction to the competition

The skills contest "theory + field" and "management trainee + mechanic" model, in groups of four-game content for CNC machine tool "triathlon", namely, electronic game, die erste installation, hardcover game. The skills contest attracts ten teams to compete over three days and the top three will be selected.

Introduction to the competition

Executive General Manager of Nanjing Tengyang Machinery Co., Ltd.— Zhang Bin delivered a speech for the opening ceremony of the skills competition. Mr. Zhang pointed out that there is no first-class technicians, no first-class machine tools, to encourage everyone to practice internal skills, improve skills; and said that the skills competition will play an important role in the quality machine tool manufacturing, technical personnel precipitation, research, production and marketing coordination, safety awareness strengthening and other aspects.

Mr.Zhang encouraged the competitors to show their style and level and achieve excellent results. Finally, Mr.Zhang wished this skill competition a complete success.

Rich theoretical knowledge is the first of practice, and the preliminary contest of skills competition is the theoretical knowledge competition. The test questions are collected from the daily practice operation, aiming to test the knowledge reserve and experience summary ability of the participants. Hone skills needs to start from practice, and the skills competition will also carry out this concept to the end.

Three of the five tasks set up in the competition are practical operation, from the initial assembly, hardcover, electronic control through the whole assembly line. At the scene of the competition, the players are rubbing their hands, high morale. After three days of fierce competition, tengyang machinery the first CNC skills competition officially came to an end. The craftsman pavilion team won the championship, the star dream team won the second place, and the Blazers team won the third place. Company leaders congratulated the winning team and awarded certificates and bonuses to them.

Award-winning team

This skill competition is of great significance, and it is one of the important measures to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of "practice internal skills" of Tengyang machinery. Through the construction of "skill competition training ground", the comprehensive inspection of CNC machine tool skills talent level, let the participating team "know the short board, look in the mirror", lay a solid foundation, practice excellent skills; for the fourth quarter of Tengyang machinery development encouraged morale, but also for the development of Qiao Feng Group to add new momentum!